A Dream of Weight Loss

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Although there are many people that would like to lose weight, a lot of those people think that their like is only a dream as they could never find the time to maintain an exercise regime and nor could they stick to any strict diet as the necessities of their everyday life mean that they have to rely on fast food far too often for any reasonable diet. Their dreams though can now come true as a drug is now available which permits the loss of weight without the need for any exercise or the need to stick to any diet. The new weight loss drug is called PhenQ and is readily available for use by anyone.

Both the manufacturer and reviews have likened this drug to Phentermine which was very popular with weight watchers in the 50s and 60s. When Phentermine was available it revolutionized weight loss with many people taking advantage of its use in order to lose weight for whatever reason, perhaps health reasons or perhaps just to look better on the beach in the summer. It came as a great blow to many then when the FDA removed it from shelves and banned its use. The FDA did not ban its use because it didn’t work; it worked fine but the trouble was that they discovered it was possibly addictive.

This first led to the FDA doing tests on the drug and when they found that it was addictive and also that it contained other chemicals that were potentially harmful to people’s health, they made the decision to ban its use. Other drugs since have been presented to the FDA which were supposed to have the same weight loss qualities as Phentermine but they too were all found to have harmful side effects, all except that is for this new drug.

This drug does have the positive qualities of Phentermine but does not have any of the harmful chemicals that it had. The FDA have already completed their tests on PhenQ and have cleared it for general use, not as a prescription drug but as a more obtainable over the counter drug, making it easy for anyone that wants to lose weight to have access to it. Just as Phentermine was very popular in the 60s, this new drug is envisioned to also be popular and due to today’s lifestyles, perhaps even more popular.

There are of course many weight loss products available but most of those are only products that increase the amount of weight that can be lost when a rigorous exercise regime and strict diet are adhered to, they do not allow for weight loss on their own. There are also weight loss programs which include all the meals for every day of the week which are convenient but they are often expensive and in any case, they too usually rely on at least some exercise to be most effective and so few others, if any, allow for weight loss without any exercise or dieting.